About Us

Hong Huat Company Limited.

More than 80 years of our non-stop services, concerned with honesty and sincerity, are served to customer demands.

Hong Huat Company Limited has been operated for over 80 years which nowadays it has become one of the leading suppliers of world famous chemicals and fragrances in Thailand. Its policy concerns on quality and the basis of honesty and sincerity. Hong Huat co., Ltd. Was established in 1935.The business started off by importing and selling bottles. Chemicals and fragrances have been implemented into the business after the company has grown .The sales growth eventually led Hong Huat Co., Ltd. to be one of the famous import agents in Thailand which provides broader range of products . Morever, the company has gained a trustworthiness from many well-know industries in Thailand; such as pharmaceutical , cosmetic, and agriculture-ralated chemical companies , which allows the company to be the only agent in this market.

Although , Hong Huat Co., Ltd. has been well recognized from many well-know companies , the managements are still so energetic. They are determined to maintain progress on high quality service as well as to expand their business to be more famous.


Our business focus [Mission]

     Starting up with single shop in Chinese district since 1953, Hong Huat Co., Ltd. has grow rapidly and expanded its business to cover all chemical business area. Nowadays we have established a dozen of subsidiary companies in different field of business.

Our affiliation

     We handle customer needs as majority and try to delivery our commitment to justified customers benefit for he best outcome. Many suppliers and business partners have been given us their confidential and work together as the family to achieve our goal together. This has been spotted as more than 80% of our partners have been provided as the great collaboration more than 10-30 years. We have been diversified some of our division to become jointed venture companies as the result of well-built relationship and confidential in order to build the future of business growth together. Please refer the following table.

Chemical Business

  • Union Sunrise Co., Ltd.
  • Pacific Sunrise Co., Ltd.
  • KH Roberts (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
  • United Aromatics Co., Ltd.
  • Lube Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Cinnamon Co., Ltd.

Automobile Business

Property Business & Other Business


Retail Shop & Distributors

     We have set up 5 retail stores in center of Bangkok which are operated by the company and 4 sturdy distributors covering Northern , Eastern and Southern of Thailand. These stores help us to promote our products to the beginner ans SMEs segment as well as introduce new product to the market.

Wholesale Operation

     With over 40 Sales & Admin Persons dividing into 3 divisions , we have structured our Sales force to fulfill our customer needs and their business requirement. We have more than 10 product managers and technical supporters to work with our customers closely and solve their problem in time . We also listen to our customer needs together with our fortified experience personality which build strong team and provide the best solution.



     Our Warehouse is located in Bang Yai Area, 27 km Northwest from Center of Bangkok. We acquired 3 units with a combined space of Expocy coated surface concrete ground total area 12,000 Square Meter Supported live load approximated 4-6 Tom/M and specially designed racking system inventory and location control system to maintain accurate first-in-first-out delivery operations.

     With our strategic location and facilities, consistent and reliable services make our customers’ business more competitive and punctual transportation support by convenient roadway access to the Outer ring. We provide the customer with several kinds of truck; manage by experienced staffs and professional management to satisfy the customer’ diversified logistics requirements.