About Us

Company Timeline.

In 1935, Mr. Yok Tangtrongsakdi opened small local trading shop in Yao Wa Rat District (China Town) with four employees.
In 1953, Hong Huat Co., Ltd was officially regristered with 6 million baht (USD 200,000.00) capital. Two warehouses were constructed and located in Tung Mahamek & Klouy – Namtai district (Total space of 2,400 Square meters) with total of 40 employees.
In 1998, With company rapidly grow in Sales and team, the company decided to increase its capital to 12 Million baht (USD 400,000.00) to dominated our strong relationship with our business partners.
In 2000, UNITED AROMATICS CO., LTD. - Joint ventures with Ong Boon Seng Pte from Singapore to formed the company to gain focus in food additive and food specialist market. (Vanillin & Food Aromatics)
In 2001, LUBE TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. - With our long relationship, the company co-operated with NIHON KOHSAKUYU Co., Ltd. (JAPAN) & SHIMA TRADING Co., Ltd.(JAPAN) We open our joint venture plant in Chonburi province. (Lubricant & Machinery oil)
In 2002, PACIFIC SUNRISE HOLDING CO., LTD. – Joint ventures Company with SHIMA TRADING CO., LTD. (JAPAN).
In 2002, Retail shops were renovated and point of sales system was fully implemented in order to expand the business and gain faster service among our overwhelming customers.
In 2003, The new shop in Rangsit is opened as our first retail branch in outer Bangkok area. This shop will support our customers mainly on east side of the metropolitan and nearby province.
In 2004, KH ROBERTS (THAILAND) CO., LTD. – Joint Ventured Company with KH ROBERTS PTE (Singapore) to focus on food flavor market.
In 2006, Second Branch in Nongkham district is opened to support our customer from north-east area and nearby province.
In 2007, Third Branch in JJ Mall, Jatujak district is opened to support our customer from North area and become our first satellite store in Shopping Mall.
In 2007, 10,000 Square Meters Go Down – To keep up with our grow rate, the management decided to invested 90 Million Baht (USD 2.66 Million) to build the storage facility in Bang Yai District. However we still keep our original warehouse in the city area for backup & distribution purpose which bring the total storage space up to 12,400 Sq. Meters.
In 2010, Extend our export market thru our network & local distributors channel in Cambodia & Lao.
In 2011, Company turn over more than 1,000,000,000.00 (USD 34 Million) and continue to grow at 10-15% yearly.
In 2011, Start our business network in Myanmar with our officially local distributors.
In 2013, Pattanakarn Branch launched its operations in South East area.
In 2014, Extend our retail shops to south area and concentrate on export market with our business partners.